Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Madonna- Celebration Remastered

Celebration Remastered

Single CD edition. Madonna, who has racked up a record 37 top 10 hits as well as seven No. 1 albums (including her last four) on the Billboard Pop Charts, has given her fans yet another opportunity to 'celebrate' her musical achievements. The songs on 'Celebration' have all been remastered and selected by Madonna and her fans. They cover the expanse of the Material Girl's extraordinary career of hits.

really like all the effort and attention put into the package design. Warner Bros. definitely stepped up their promotion and art direction on this release -- more so than they have her past few albums. The art designed by Mr. Brainwash is definitely different and more street and while there are no new photos of Madonna, I felt the design really does her justice and features her most iconic looks and styles in a creative manner. I like both of the new songs featured on this edition. 'Celebration' is pure dance and sounds like a cut from "Confessions on a Dance Floor" while 'Revolver' (featuring a small rap by Lil' Wayne) is a mix between pop and urban music, everything "Hard Candy" tried to be but perhaps failed to live up to. To me, the songs are both very good and easily stand out as album worthy tracks. Another great thing about this release is that the tracks have been remastered and as someone who has listened to many of the tracks often, I can tell the difference and it makes listening to some of the older tracks like 'Dress You Up' and 'Like a Prayer' all the more enjoyable.

1. Hung Up 5:36
2. Music 3:45
3. Vogue 5:16
4. 4 Minutes [Feat. Justin Timberlake And Timbaland] 3:09
5. Holiday 6:08
6. Like A Virgin 3:08
7. Into The Groove 4:45
8. Like A Prayer 5:42
9. Ray Of Light 4:33
10. La Isla Bonita 4:02
11. Frozen 5:10
12. Material Girl 4:00
13. Papa Don't Preach 4:29
14. Lucky Star 3:39
15. Express Yourself 3:59
16. Open Your Heart 3:49
17. Dress You Up 4:02
18. Celebration 3:35

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