Friday, February 10, 2012

Kellie Pickler 100 Proof

Kellie Pickler 100 Proof

Kellie Pickler is everything that's right about that uniquely modern place where reality and celebrity come together. She is first and foremost a force of nature, a young woman who followed a restless small-town dream to the heart to the front porch of the country music world. 100 Proof is the third studio album by American country music artist Kellie Pickler. It was released on January 24, 2012. The album includes the single "Tough". The title track, was released exclusively on iTunes on December 20, 2011. Upon its release, 100 Proof received generally positive reviews from most music critics.

Stephen Thomas Erlewine with Allmusic gave it a four star rating, calling it "potent and straight, [it] hits harder than anything she's done before. [...] 100 Proof is the album where Kellie Pickler stops being a TV star and turns into a genuine recording artist: it's an album that's not just good when graded on a curve, but good by any measure. Rating it three stars out of five, Country Weekly writer Jessica Nicholson said that "it's clear that the American Idol alum has matured". She also praised Pickler's performance on "Tough" and "Unlock That Honky Tonk", and thought that the production was more traditional-sounding than mainstream country.

Jonathan Keefe with Slant Magazine gave a three and-a-half rating, calling it a very good album saying it "100 Proof isn't a great album, but it's certainly a very good one, and it boasts a strong traditionalist bent. Though the album lacks a cohesive through line or consistent depth of material that would make for something more accomplished and challenging, it's a deeply personal record that explores country music's conventions in a creative, respectful way and gives Pickler ample opportunity to prove her chops as an interpretive singer. Whether or not the album allows her to boost her commercial profile remains to be seen, but it proves that Pickler is capable of far more than she has previously let on".[5] Giving it 5 stars, Dan MacIntosh with Roughstock was in high praise of the "traditional country" sound on the album saying "This may be her third release/try to get it right, but she succeeds with flying colors; if 100 Proof is any indication of her musical future, Kellie Pickler is now an artistic force to be reckoned with"

1. "Where's Tammy Wynette" Jimmy Ritchey, Don Poythress, Leslie Satcher 2:42
2. "Unlock That Honky Tonk" Kellie Pickler, Satcher 3:38
3. "Stop Cheatin' on Me" Morgane Hayes, Chris Stapleton 2:48
4. "Long as I Never See You Again" Pickler, Dean Dillon, Dale Dodson 3:44
5. "Tough" Satcher 2:49
6. "Turn On the Radio and Dance" Pickler, Satcher 3:13
7. "Mother's Day" Pickler, Kyle Jacobs 3:41
8. "Rockaway (The Rockin' Chair Song)" Pickler, Barry Dean, Brent Cobb 3:04
9. "Little House On the Highway" Rodney Clawson, Natalie Hemby 3:13
10. "100 Proof" James T. Slater, Satcher 3:46
11. "The Letter (To Daddy)" Dodson, Dillon, Pickler 2:06

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