Friday, January 6, 2012

Torches by Foster the People

Torches by Foster the People

Torches, the highly anticipated debut album by Foster The People, is the soundtrack for an eternal summer. Produced by Paul Epworth (Adele + Florence and the Machine), Rich Costey (Muse + Interpol), and Greg Kurstin (Beck + Red Hot Chili Peppers), Torches delivers on both the promise of their breakthrough chart-topping single Pumped Up Kicks and the promise of this young band out of Los Angeles. "We just want people to feel better about their lives." The sound is universally uplifting combining influences from alternative's greats mixed with songs that make you dance. "Accessible yet challenging, gleaming yet gritty, pop yet petrifying: Foster The People are a fresh evolution of modern music."

I first heard of Foster the People early one morning while laying in bed half asleep listening to an NPR interview with Mark Foster, founder of the group. The interviewer peppered the piece with clips of songs from the "Torches" album, which was just about to be released. I remember finding the tunes very catchy even in my half-dazed slumber. I made a mental note to listen to the album tracks more thoroughly on iTunes before making a decision to buy "Torches". I loved what I heard and quickly purchased the album here on Amazon. I've listened to it nonstop ever since it arrived several days ago. I'm really amazed that I'm so taken with this work particularly in light of the obvious fact that it is somewhere between shameless bubble gum and light pop. Some have called it "alternative", but I honestly don't see it. Anyway, I think my attraction to "Torches" is it's infectiously upbeat Southern California sunniness. It just makes me happy (even the relatively disturbing subject matter of "Pumped Up Kicks"). I think this band is going to be immensely popular for pretty much the same reason someone like Katie Perry is much loved - they put big smiles on the faces of their followers. They're not for everyone, but they're definitely for me!


Kristjan said...

As I said before you seem to have great taste in music. I did say that before? I`m not sure. I think I did.

I heard Foster The People`s "Houdini" the other day and I really liked the vocals. Haven`t had a chance to get more familiar with their other songs, though.

MRanthrope said...

not a huuge fan of this band, do enjoy whatever I hear on the radio from them though. I suppose from all the praise they're getting, I might have to spend a bit more time familiarizing myself with them.