Friday, December 30, 2011

Dick Clark's #1's: 50's to 70's

Dick Clark's #1's: 50's to 70's There's very little that can go wrong when putting together an all-star compilation of number one hits from the golden years of rock and roll and soul music. There are so many classics on these discs that one would never have to return to their oldies station again....because it would be playing these songs (plus a lot more Beatles and Stones, but you should have all of those albums already). That being said, what is popular is not always great, and what is great is not always popular. A few tracks that I could've done without are "Eve of Destruction," "He's So Fine" and a few others. Some of my favorite standouts that I hadn't really heard before are the poppin fresh and laidback instrumental "Grazing in the Grass," the mysterious country flavored tune "Ode to Billie Joe," and the light and funny jam "In the Summertime"...all of which are on the 4th and most solid disc. The other discs are definitely decent to great, and overall it's an excellent collection for someone looking to get some tried and true old hits.

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