Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Todd Rundgren A Cappella

A Cappella is a 1985 album by Todd Rundgren. The album is one of Rundgren's most unusual in that every sound is the product of the artist's voice. Rundgren employed overdubbing techniques and an E-mu Emulator (an early sampler), electronically manipulating the sound of his voice in order to mimic conventional rock instruments, handclaps, and other sounds. This unique approach to music making was later explored by artists such as Mike Patton and Björk.

All songs written by Todd Rundgren, except for "Mighty Love" (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons).

1. "Blue Orpheus"
2. "Johnee Jingo"
3. "Pretending to Care"
4. "Hodja"
5. "Lost Horizon"
6. "Something to Fall Back On"
7. "Miracle in the Bazaar"
8. "Lockjaw"
9. "Honest Work"
10. "Mighty Love"

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