Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising is the second studio album by the American alternative rock band Sonic Youth, released on the New York independent record label Homestead Records in 1985. The album is loosely themed around the dark side of America, and includes references to obsession and insanity, Charles Manson, heavy metal Satanism and early European settlers' encounters with Native Americans. Each side of the original vinyl was a mostly continuous cycle of songs, except for the album's closer "Death Valley '69".

Released to strong reviews from the underground music press, Bad Moon Rising was the first Sonic Youth album to combine the band's experimental material with transitional pieces and segues. Distributed by Blast First in the United Kingdom, it was the band's first release on the distributor. Sonic Youth released one single from the album, "Death Valley '69", which did not chart in either country.

1. "Intro" – 1:12
2. "Brave Men Run (In My Family)" (lyrics/vocals Gordon) – 3:57
3. "Society Is a Hole" (lyrics/vocals Moore) – 4:54
4. "I Love Her All the Time" (lyrics/vocals Moore) – 8:19
5. "Ghost Bitch" (lyrics/vocals Gordon) – 4:24
6. "I'm Insane" (lyrics/vocals Moore) – 6:56
7. "Justice Is Might" (lyrics/vocals Gordon) – 2:57
8. "Death Valley '69" (lyrics/vocals Lydia Lunch and Moore) – 5:12

Reissue bonus tracks

9. "Satan Is Boring" (lyrics/vocals Moore) – 5:12
10. "Flower" (lyrics/vocals Gordon) – 3:36
11. "Halloween" (lyrics/vocals Gordon) – 5:12
12. "Echo Canyon" – 1:08

* Lee Ranaldo
* Kim Gordon
* Thurston Moore
* Bob Bert – drums
* Lydia Lunch – vocals on "Death Valley '69"
* Sonic Youth – producer
* Martin Bisi – engineer, producer (all tracks except 10–11)
* Ethan James – engineer (tracks 10–11)
* John Erskine – producer (all tracks except 10–11)

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