Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Prince and The Revolution Around the World in a Day

Around the World in a Day is an album by Prince and The Revolution, released on 22 April 1985 on Warner Bros. The album was released without any publicity, simply turning up in record stores to the surprise of fans. Prince decided to go in the opposite direction of Purple Rain and instead of giving fans what they expected, he challenged them to new sounds. A happy medium for all was the hit single "Raspberry Beret".

The album opens with a keyboard-flute interrupted by a screaming Prince. The title track combines a Middle-Eastern sound with Prince's trademark drum machine and an organ solo. It fades into "Paisley Park", a Beatlesque tune which describes a whimsical place and general feeling of joy. Prince later took the song name for his vanity label and recording studio. The heartfelt "Condition of the Heart" follows with a powerful piano introduction. Next is the hit "Raspberry Beret" followed by the album's funkiest track "Tamborine", containing only bass guitar, drums, finger cymbals and vocals, all performed by Prince alone.

Side one

1. "Around the World in a Day" (David Coleman, John L. Nelson, Prince) – 3:27
2. "Paisley Park" – 4:41
3. "Condition of the Heart" – 6:46
4. "Raspberry Beret" – 3:31
5. "Tamborine" – 2:46

Side two

1. "America" (Prince and the Revolution) – 3:40
2. "Pop Life" – 3:42
3. "The Ladder" (John L. Nelson, Prince) – 5:26
4. "Temptation" – 8:21


* Sheila E - drums on "Pop Life"
* Jonathan Melvoin - percussion on "Around the World in a Day"
* Brad Marsh - tamborine on "America"
* Eddie Minnifield - saxophone on "Temptation"
* David Coleman - cello
* Suzie Katayama - cello
* Novi Novog - violin
* Annette Atkinson - double bass on "Pop Life"
* Tim Barr - double bass on "Pop Life"

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