Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Eric Clapton Behind the Sun

Behind the Sun is a 1985 album by the legendary English guitarist Eric Clapton. He named the album like this because of a line in Albert King's "Louisiana Blues". It is also his first collaborative project with Phil Collins. Often referred to as Clapton’s “Comeback album”, it was received very well in both the UK and the US. After nearly a decade of Clapton’s guitar taking a backseat to his singing/songwriting, this album was looked upon for some of his best guitar playing since the Cream era in the 1960s. The single “Forever Man” features Eric playing a scorching guitar solo at full force. The video for “Forever Man” became an MTV favorite, featuring an accident where one of the cameras falls off the dolly. The album is also dressed up with synthesizers played by Peter Robinson & Chris Stainton (Clapton played guitar synthesizers on the 9th track, "Never Make You Cry"). Booker T. & the MG’s bassist, Donald Duck Dunn also played on the sessions.

1. "She's Waiting" – 4:55 (Clapton - Robinson)
2. "See What Love Can Do" – 3:58 (Jerry Lynn Williams)
3. "Same Old Blues" – 8:15 (Clapton)
4. "Knock On Wood" – 3:19 (Floyd - Cropper)
5. "Something's Happening" – 3:23 (Jerry Lynn Williams)
6. "Forever Man" – 3:13 (Jerry Lynn Williams)
7. "It All Depends" – 5:05 (Clapton)
8. "Tangled In Love" – 4:11 (Levy - Feldman)
9. "Never Make You Cry" – 6:06 (Clapton)
10. "Just Like A Prisoner" – 5:29 (Clapton)
11. "Behind The Sun" – 2:13 (Clapton)

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