Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Monkees Instant Replay

Instant Replay is the seventh album by The Monkees. Issued after the cancellation of the group's NBC television series, it is also the first album released after Peter Tork left the group.

Although the Monkees had laid down dozens of tracks between the time of their last "studio" album, spring 1968's The Birds, The Bees & the Monkees (a soundtrack LP from their film Head had been released between the two studio LPs), several of the songs on "Instant Replay" actually dated from sessions up to two and a half years earlier.

The band's new music supervisor, Brendan Cahill, believed that previously unused tracks recorded in 1966, prior to the group's seizing control of their own recording process, was the way for the group to get back to the top. The album's lead single, "Tear Drop City," was one of the songs taken from the vault. The song was sped up around 9% from the original recording, changing the song's key from G to A-flat. The single, which Michael Nesmith later cryptically referred to as a "concession to certain people," was a retread of the group's first hit "Last Train to Clarksville" and only managed to reach #56 on the charts.

1. "Through the Looking Glass" (Baldwin, Boyce, Hart)
2. "Don't Listen to Linda" (Boyce, Hart)
3. "I Won't Be the Same Without Her" (Goffin, King)
4. "Just a Game" (Dolenz)
5. "Me Without You" (Boyce, Hart)
6. "Don't Wait for Me" (Nesmith)
7. "You and I" (Chadwick, Jones)
8. "While I Cry" (Nesmith)
9. "Tear Drop City" (Boyce, Hart)
10. "The Girl I Left Behind Me" (Sager, Sedaka)
11. "A Man Without a Dream" (Goffin, King)
12. "Shorty Blackwell" (Dolenz)

CD Bonus Tracks

1. "Someday Man" (Nichols/Williams)
2. "Carlisle Wheeling" (Alternate take)
3. "Rosemarie" (Early) (Dolenz)
4. "Smile" (Jones)
5. "St. Matthew" (Alternate take) (Nesmith)
6. "Me Without You" (Alternate take)
7. "Through the Looking Glass" (Alternate take)

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