Friday, May 9, 2008

The Monkees Changes

Changes is the ninth studio album by The Monkees. The album was issued after Michael Nesmith's exit from the band, leaving only Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones to fulfill the recording contract they signed in the mid-1960s. Changes was their last new album for Colgems Records.

The album's title had originally been considered for the Monkees's movie (released in 1968), and a song with that title (cowritten by Jones with Steve Pitts) had been recorded. The movie was retitled Head, however, and the song was shelved, remaining unreleased until the 1990s.

1. "Oh My My" (Barry, Kim)
2. "Ticket On A Ferry Ride" (Barry, Bloom)
3. "You're So Good To Me" (Barry, Bloom)
4. "It's Got To Be Love" (Goldberg)
5. "Acapulco Sun" (Albright, Soles)
6. "99 Pounds" (Barry)
7. "Tell Me Love" (Barry)
8. "Do You Feel It Too?" (Barry, Kim)
9. "I Love You Better" (Barry, Kim)
10. "All Alone In The Dark" (Albright, Soles)
11. "Midnight Train" (Dolenz)
12. "I Never Thought It Peculiar" (Boyce, Hart)

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