Friday, May 9, 2008

Jimmy Buffett Down to Earth

Down to Earth is the first album by American popular music singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett. It was produced by Travis Turk and was initially released in 1970 on Andy Williams's small Barnaby Records label as Z 30093. Parts of the album were re-released in various compilations until the album was issued in its entirety on compact disc by Varèse Sarabande in June 1998.

Due to its limited initial appeal (it only sold a few hundred copies), long periods out of general release, and stylistic differences with the rest of Buffett's work, Down to Earth (along with the similar High Cumberland Jubilee) was often not considered part of the chronology of Buffett albums by fans or even Buffett himself.

1. 'The Christian?" (Milton Brown, Jimmy Buffett) 3:54
2. "Ellis Dee (He Ain't Free)" (Jimmy Buffett, Buzz Cason) 2:50
3. "Richard Frost" (Jimmy Buffett) 3:29
4. 'The Missionary" (Jimmy Buffett) 3:33
5. "A Mile High in Denver" (Jimmy Buffett) 3:07
6. "The Captain and the Kid" (Jimmy Buffett) 3:18
7. "Captain America" (Jimmy Buffett) 3:28
8. "Ain't He a Genius" (Jimmy Buffett) 2:43
9. "Turnabout" (Jimmy Buffett) 4:20
10. "There's Nothin' Soft about Hard Times" (Jimmy Buffett) 3:23
11. "I Can't be Your Hero Today" (Jimmy Buffett) 2:58
12. "Truckstop Salvation" (Jimmy Buffett) 5:48

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