Friday, May 9, 2008

Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys

Band of Gypsys is a live album and a project by Jimi Hendrix, backed by Billy Cox and Buddy Miles, that followed Hendrix's Experience project. Released before his death in 1970, it was the last album Hendrix himself authorized, and the only Hendrix authorised album to be released on Capitol Records (in the USA) — the result of a settlement regarding a recording contract he had signed in 1965 before he became famous. Band of Gypsys was later reissued on MCA Records, along with the rest of his catalog, and is now on Geffen Records.

All tracks written by Jimi Hendrix except where noted.

1. "Who Knows" – 9:32
2. "Machine Gun" – 12:32
3. "Changes" (Buddy Miles) – 5:10
4. "Power to Love" – 6:53
5. "Message to Love" – 5:22
6. "We Gotta Live Together" (Buddy Miles) – 5:46
7. "Hear My Train A-Comin'" (First set) – 9:02
8. "Foxy Lady" (Third set) – 6:33
9. "Stop" (Howard Tate) (Third set) – 4:47

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