Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Family Family Entertainment

Family Entertainment was the second album from the British progressive rock band Family, released in February 1969. The cover of the album was a clear takeoff from the sleeve of the Doors' second album, Strange Days, as Family frankly admitted.

Family Entertainment was the last album from the group's original lineup.

1. "The Weaver's Answer"
2. "Observations From a Hill"
3. "Hung Up Down"
4. "Summer '67" (instrumental) (Whitney)
5. "How-Hi-the-Li" (Grech)
6. "Second Generation Woman" (Grech)
7. "From Past Archives"
8. "Dim"
9. "Processions" (Whitney)
10. "Face In the Cloud" (Grech)
11. "Emotions"

All selections are by Roger Chapman and Charlie Whitney except where noted.

* Roger Chapman: vocals and percussion
* John "Charlie" Whitney: guitars, organ
* Jim King: vocals, saxophone, piano
* Ric Grech: bass, vocals, violin
* Rob Townsend: drums and percussion
* Nicky Hopkins: piano

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