Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blind Faith

Blind Faith is the self-titled album by the British supergroup Blind Faith, which consisted of Eric Clapton (The Yardbirds, Cream), Ginger Baker (Graham Bond Organisation, Cream), Steve Winwood (Spencer Davis Group, Traffic) and Ric Grech (Family). Their only album, Blind Faith was released in August 1969

There was an intense buzz about the band and its debut album Blind Faith, which on release topped Billboard's Pop Albums chart in America (as it did the UK charts) and peaked at #40 on the Black Albums chart, an impressive feat for a British rock quartet. In addition, Rolling Stone published three reviews of the album in their September 6, 1969 issue, which were written by Ed Leimbacher, Lester Bangs, and John Morthland.

The recording of their album was interrupted by such a tour of Scandinavia, then a U.S. tour from July 11 (Newport) to August 24 (Hawaii), supported by Free and Delaney & Bonnie and Friends. The release of the album provoked controversy because the cover featured a topless pubescent girl, holding in her hands a sculpture of an airplane, which some perceived as phallic. The U.S. record company issued it with an alternate cover which showed a photograph of the band on the front.

The cover art was created by photographer Bob Seidemann, a personal friend and former flatmate of Clapton's who is primarily known for his photos of Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead. In the mid-1990s, in an advertising circular intended to help sell lithographic reprints of the famous album cover, he explained his thinking behind the image.

1. "Had to Cry Today" (Steve Winwood) – 8:48
2. "Can't Find My Way Home" (Steve Winwood) – 3:16
3. "Well...All Right" (Norman Petty, Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Joe B. Mauldin) – 4:27
4. "Presence of the Lord" (Eric Clapton) – 4:50
5. "Sea of Joy" (Steve Winwood) – 5:22
6. "Do What You Like" (Ginger Baker) – 15:18

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