Thursday, May 8, 2008

Avril Lavigne The Best Damn Thing

Avril Lavigne The Best Damn Thing
The Best Damn Thing is the third studio album by Canadian pop punk singer Avril Lavigne. The album was released in North America and part of Europe on April 17, 2007, and in Australia and in the United Kingdom on April 16. It made its radio debut on Ottawa radio station HOT 89.9 at 6:00 pm on April 14.

The album's first single was the number-one hit "Girlfriend", the second single is "When You're Gone", the third single is "Hot", and "The Best Damn Thing" has been announced as the fourth and final single. It also includes "Keep Holding On", a single from the soundtrack of the film Eragon. The album was certified Platinum in the United States, and 2× Platinum worldwide according to the United World Chart

1. Girlfriend" (Avril Lavigne, Lukasz Gottwald) 3:37
2. "I Can Do Better" (Lavigne, Gottwald) 3:17
3. "Runaway" (Lavigne, Gottwald, Kara DioGuardi) 3:48
4. "The Best Damn Thing" (Lavigne, Butch Walker) 3:10
5. "When You're Gone" (Lavigne, Walker) 4:00
6. "Everything Back But You" (Lavigne, Walker) 3:03
7. "Hot" (Lavigne, Evan Taubenfeld) 3:23
8. "Innocence" (Lavigne, Taubenfeld) 3:53
9. "I Don't Have to Try" (Lavigne, Gottwald) 3:17
10. "One of Those Girls" (Lavigne, Taubenfeld) 2:56
11. "Contagious" (Lavigne, Taubenfeld) 2:10
12. "Keep Holding On" (Lavigne, Gottwald) 4:00

Deluxe Edition Bonus DVD

1. "The Making of The Best Damn Thing"
2. "Photo Gallery"

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