Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Shins Wincing the Night Away

The Shins is a United States indie rock group comprising singer, songwriter and guitarist James Russell Mercer, keyboardist/guitarist/bassist Martin Crandall, bassist/guitarist Dave Hernandez, drummer Jesse Sandoval, and Eric Johnson of the Fruit Bats. Their sound draws on several musical genres, including pop, alternative, alternative country, and folk. The Shins are based in Portland, Oregon

Wincing the Night Away, the Grammy nominated third album by indie rock group The Shins, was released by Sub Pop Records on January 23, 2007. It is the band's final album under their current contract. Recording for the album occurred in James Mercer’s basement studio, Phil Ek’s home in Seattle, and in Oregon City with veteran producer Joe Chicarelli (Beck, U2).

All songs written by James Mercer.

1. "Sleeping Lessons" – 3:58
2. "Australia" – 3:57
3. "Pam Berry" – 0:57
4. "Phantom Limb" – 4:48
5. "Sea Legs" – 5:23
6. "Red Rabbits" – 4:33
7. "Turn on Me" – 3:41
8. "Black Wave" – 3:19
9. "Spilt Needles" – 3:46
10. "Girl Sailor" – 3:44
11. "A Comet Appears" – 3:49

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