Friday, April 18, 2008

Loggins and Messina Sittin' In

Sittin' In is the first album by singer-songwriters Loggins and Messina, released in 1971.

It began as a solo album by Kenny Loggins; Jim Messina was with Columbia Records, serving as an independent producer when he met Loggins. In the course of producing Loggins' work, Messina provided backup vocals and guitar. Eventually, the two decided to release the album as "Kenny Loggins with Jim Messina Sittin' In."

Anne Murray's version of Loggins' "Danny's Song" became a Canadian chart hit in March 1973.

1. "Nobody But You" (Jim Messina) – 3:00
2. "Danny's Song" (Kenny Loggins) – 4:16
3. "Vahevala" (Loggins, Dann Lottermoser) – 4:47
4. "Trilogy: Lovin' Me/To Make a Woman Feel Wanted/Peace of Mind" (Loggins, Messina, Murray MacLeod) – 11:13
5. "Back to Georgia" (Loggins) – 3:19
6. "House at Pooh Corner" (Loggins) – 4:25
7. "Listen to a Country Song" (Messina, Al Garth) – 2:49
8. "Same Old Wine" (Messina) – 8:17
9. "Rock 'N Roll Mood" (Loggins, Michael Omartian) – 3:04

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