Friday, April 11, 2008

Dave Matthews Band Live at Folsom Field, Boulder, Colorado

Live at Folsom Field, Boulder, Colorado, also known as Live at Folsom Field, is the fourth live album released by the Dave Matthews Band. It was recorded in Boulder, Colorado at Folsom Field, the football stadium of the University of Colorado at Boulder on July 11, 2001. It was released on the RCA Records music label on November 5, 2002 on Compact Disc, VHS, and DVD. In promotional material prior to the release, the album was originally titled Open up the Curtains.

Disc one

1. "Don't Drink the Water"
2. "JTR"
* with The Lovely Ladies
3. "When the World Ends"
4. "So Right"
5. "Big Eyed Fish"
6. "Bartender"
7. "What You Are"
8. "Crash into Me"
9. "Everyday"
* with The Lovely Ladies
10. "I Did It"
* with The Lovely Ladies
11. "If I Had It All"
* with The Lovely Ladies

Disc two

1. "Angel"
* with The Lovely Ladies
2. "Warehouse"
3. "Recently"
4. "Digging A Ditch"
5. "What Would You Say"
6. "All Along the Watchtower" (Dylan)
* with Butch Taylor
7. "The Space Between"
* with The Lovely Ladies
8. "Stay (Wasting Time)"


9. "Two Step"
10. "Ants Marching"

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